Code Audit

No matter how effectively you construct a security perimeter, it is likely that you have some critical applications that have to be visible to facilitate your operations. With the usual time pressures on software developers, it is no surprise that security is not always given the appropriate focus and priority.

With a considerable amount of development experience, both with clients and through our ECSC Labs division, ECSC is well aware of the way that vulnerabilities can be exploited in less-than-secure code.

The Process

The scope of code analysis can be wide, so prior to the start of any assessment, we perform an initial investigation to uncover likely weaknesses, and help you develop an appropriate specification.

An audit approach, as an alternative to extensive testing, can give you many benefits, whilst requiring less resources. These benefits include:

  • Reducing risk by identifying security vulnerabilities
  • Improving efficiency, stability and maintainability of your code
  • Bringing code that may have been written some time ago in line with today's 'best practice'

A code audit can also help you optimise your code, making it better fit for purpose. We use a code sampling strategy to allow us to formulate rapid, yet effective, feedback and training to the developers, to implement improvements as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Improving for the Future

As part of our Code Audit service, we can help you construct rigorous code security standards and specifications that you can use to ensure your developers deliver more secure code in future. This can be particularly helpful in outsourced software development situations, as it is a way of ensuring consistency across all your projects, especially in terms of the security standards you adhere to.

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