Nebula - Breach Detection for all organisations whatever your budget


Essential cyber security breach detection for all organisations, whatever your budget

Although protection of your systems from a cyber security attack should always be your top priority, the efficient detection of a breach and rapid incident response are of critical value. By quickly detecting potential breaches, you have the opportunity to contain an attack and therefore prevent expensive data loss or disruption due to ransomware.

Using ECSC's advanced KEPLER AI technology, combined with 20 years of SOC operations experience, our in-house experts have developed the NEBULA solution which allows you to develop an effective SIEM or SOAR solution in the cloud. Taking logs from both your traditional IT environments, remote workers and cloud systems, NEBULA gives you essential 24/7/365 detection, investigation and response capability.

NEBULA comes with a range of tailored service options making it our most flexible solution to date, and can therefore work with all sizes of organisations and budgets. NEBULA integrates logs from a wide range of systems and platforms, including Microsoft (Office) 365, Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud. To view the various levels please click here.

NEBULA is designed to support a number of requirements set out by the various cyber security standards. The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) also recognises the importance of breach detection by including it within their 'Security Outcomes' as a minimum requirement to be GDPR compliant, whilst also recommended by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC).

In summary Nebula:

  • can be delivered into any organisation with any technology and budget requirements

  • has a low cost of entry to ECSC's proprietary Kepler Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine technology to identify breaches

  • has no long-term contract requirements

  • has a range of tailored options, including full 24/7 global SOC alerting and advice

  • includes expert configuration and ongoing tuning options

  • offers full 24/7 incident response

For additional information please download the accompanying brochures.

Nebula Service Overview


Nebula Service Specifications


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