ECSC has extensive experience in providing solutions to a range of hosted environments, including many variations on cloud solutions.

Cloud Services Users

If you are considering cloud services, we can help you cut through the marketing hype to understand exactly what you are buying, and what potential security weaknesses may be inherent in the service offering.

For users of cloud services, its important to understand the dangers of a virtual environment and know how to protect your information securely. We can help you identify the risks associated with storing data in the cloud and we work with you to obtain a level of security that is appropriate for your organisation.

Cloud Services Providers

We also work with providers of cloud services, to help you understand where your vulnerabilities are, and how to manage the risks effectively. We can also help you develop and manage your security, and achieve the latest security certifications to give you the edge on your competition.

As an ECSC partner, you can white-label solutions within your own brand, or use our extensive certification and track record to add more security credentials to your offering.

To determine the best solution to meet your needs, take a look at our full range of products and do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements.

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