Incident Management Exercise

Cyber security incidents can emerge and escalate rapidly. Therefore, it is sensible to prepare and test a plan for how you deal with incidents, both from a technical and management perspective.

ECSC Group plc and Broadcast Media Services Ltd (BMS) support clients during major incidents and, together, we have designed a range of exercises, enabling key personnel to react to events as the scenario develops in a safe Boardroom setting. Such exercises help individuals prepare, but also help to develop and enhance formal incident response plan documents, which can be helpful as part of building a 'defensible position' with regard to GDPR.

Experienced Industry and Media Voices

Ian Mann
Andrew Ogden

This course will be run by ECSC’s founder and author of the acclaimed social engineering series ‘Hacking the Human’, Ian Mann, in conjunction with BMS’ Chairman, Andrew Ogden, a veteran newspaper, radio and television reporter, producer, presenter and director, who has nearly 20 years’ experience in the media, including with BBC TV and Independent Television News.

Who is this designed for?

The ECSC/BMS cyber security incident response exercises are designed for Management and also Technical staff. The exercises can be conducted either together or separately. More information on the differences between the two groups can be found in our brochure

Preparation and on the day

All our incident response exercises are developed to be relevant to your particular organisation, and we take into account what data you hold, your technical IT infrastructure, staff structure and more when designing your exercise.

All that we need from you is a dedicated room and to ask that participants are not told in advance about the exercise.

Read more about preparation and what happens on the day, including examples of questions and challenges each team may be asked.

Media Training

In a world where even the smallest organisations face the huge risk of a media storm should they suffer a breach, we can include specialist media training within the Management session. This includes a complete ‘breach media simulation’ package; find out more about what this entails here.


ECSC Group plc is the UK’s longest running full service information and cyber security service provider. ECSC has over 16 years’ experience in helping clients in over 20 countries recover from incidents, develop their security, and gain a range of information and cyber security certifications.

BMS is an award-winning media training and corporate film company, delivering media consultancy, crisis training, and presentation training, along with a wide range of creative video communications, for many private and public sector clients in the UK and Europe since 1997.

To discuss a bespoke incident management exercise for your organisation, please contact us.

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