Cyber Security Review

ECSC's Cyber Security Review is designed to assess the key aspects of your IT security related infrastructure, processes and technical management capabilities, and balance these against the cyber threats that are most relevant to your business.

We recommend an ECSC Cyber Security Review if you are concerned about the strength of your information security defence measures in the face of a serious breach, or if you simply want advice on how to develop and improve your cyber security.

The three components of an ECSC Cyber Security Review

  • ECSC Cyber Security Priorities - This covers the areas of IT security protection that directly impact on your risks of a serious cyber security breach.
  • ECSC Cyber Security Matrix - ECSC's unique scoring tool, which is designed to give you an overview of your current level of protection and the risks your organisation faces.
  • ECSC Cyber Security Quadrant - This is an Executive-level reporting system that gives management a clear picture of your current security position and facilitates resource decisions.

Objectives and outcomes

Our aim is to help you understand your current situation, and target pragmatic improvements that directly relate to your current risk of a serious cyber security breach.

To learn more about Cyber Security Review, please take a look at our brochure.


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