Cloud Security Assessment

Cloud services present many cyber security challenges, it is a relatively new and fast-changing area of IT, with very few people using cloud services securely.

As part of an effective Cyber Security Management System (CSMS), ECSC’s Cloud Service Assessment helps you to assess the cyber security status of a vast range of cloud services. Where required we can help with remediation of any weaknesses or provide advice on complementary services with additional specialist ECSC cyber security cloud managed services.

A Cloud Security Assessment is designed to assess the cyber security critical aspects of a cloud solution, and address areas by responsibility of the cloud provider and those areas that you retain responsibility for. Importantly any findings are reported in a format and language that is designed for senior (non-IT) managers and organisational executives.

An assessment may form part of a wide-ranging ECSC Cyber Security Review that also maps your compliance to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) GDPR Security Outcomes.

We recommend a Cloud Security Assessment to all organisations looking to move or having already moved traditional IT systems and services ‘into the cloud’. In either scenario it is vital that you understand the risks, and how to manage them to avoid a costly cyber security breach, which can include ICO fines, reputational damage and even loss of trading.

What is the Cloud?

The cloud is actually just a modern IT sales and marketing term, used (and misused) to describe a variety of services hosted externally and usually accessed across the Internet.

An ECSC Cloud Security Assessment builds upon almost two decades of cyber breach investigations, in addition to associated analysis of how cloud services contribute to so many incidents.

The ECSC methodology targets the essential elements of each type of cloud service, typically Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS); Software as a Service (SaaS); Platform as a Service (PaaS) and additionally Shadow IT. We will then provide you with a clear picture of risks, potential remediations and importantly where you are personally responsible.

Who is Responsible?

Cloud Security Responsibilities

Objectives and Outcomes

Our aim is to help you understand the risks associated with moving your traditional IT systems ‘into the Cloud’, and how to manage them to avoid a costly cyber security breach, which can include ICO fines, loss of trading and reputational damage.

The ECSC Cloud Assessment is designed to highlight the cyber security risks inherent in many IT cloud services and identify potential improvements.

To learn more about our Cloud Security Assessment and why we’re seeing an increase in cloud related cyber security breaches, please take a look at our brochure.


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