Since our inception almost two decades ago, ECSC has been proudly vendor independent, with cyber security services being our focus. This means that our advice and guidance to you is based on our years of experience within cyber security, and is not influenced by the latest vendor reseller incentives.

This independence extends to situations where you may wish to source your cyber security hardware and software through ECSC.


In order to help you obtain the best cyber security vendor, and open source, solutions, the ECSC SELECT division is dedicated to product selection, and solution design and implementation. Our Select portfolio consists of carefully chosen vendor products that meet our exacting standards. We use criteria designed to give you the best cyber security for your investment:

  1. We take careful advice from our most experienced cyber security consultants within the ECSC ASSURE division. They are working on client sites each day of the week, and see products in action. This gives us a unique insight into real product deliverables, rather than marketing hype.
  2. The product has to be well established, and is therefore likely to be supported throughout its intended lifetime. Too many products appear one year, make lots of promises, but disappear within a short space of time. In the same way that you shouldn't deploy some well known operating systems before the first service pack is available, your security products should have a proven track record. In addition, for situations where you intend to try and self-manage your security, more established products make it easier when you try to recruit.
  3. We take warnings from the ECSC penetration testing consultants as to products that have proved vulnerable when security tested. You would be surprised at how many so-called security products turn out to be badly architected. This normally results in reliability issues as well as security issues. We also test vendor products alongside our own technologies within the ECSC LABS division, to measure actual performance in real-world conditions.
  4. Where appropriate, we ensure that ECSC SELECT products are capable of being managed from the ECSC PROTECT division Security Operations Centre (SOC), giving you the choice of expert cyber security management services, should you struggle with maintaining in-house expertise.

Finally, we only source new products either directly from manufacturers or through official in-country distribution. We never use grey market sources, so you can be assured that you will have no nasty surprises if you need to utilise any warranties.

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