The ECSC PROTECT division delivers outsourced cyber security management and threat intelligence, from our PCI DSS certified Security Operations Centre (SOC). Our outsourced management solutions cover all necessary areas of your cyber security.


Gateways Solutions

Managed gateway solutions can take many forms, depending upon your requirements. In some cases, ECSC will design and commission the full gateway security architecture, helping you build an environment to meet your exact specification. Solutions may involve: firewalls, remote access, web and email filtering, intrusion detection systems, and log analysis and alerting.

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Hosting Solutions

Whether you host Internet-facing systems within your own facility, or use an external hosting provider, you need to ensure that the cyber security element is designed and managed by specialists. Too often, people make the mistake of assuming that a physically secure hosting environment automatically gives the provider expertise in cyber security. Solutions may include: firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, log analysis and alerting, and network and server management.

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Cloud Managed Services

Many organisations are now moving elements of their IT infrastructure into the Cloud. Despite the well-founded security concerns, Cloud services do have a place, and may be appropriate for some of your IT requirements. To help you utilise the benefits of the Cloud, whilst maintaining appropriate security protection, ECSC offers a range of services give you a managed security layer to protect your cloud-based services.

PCI DSS Certified Management

As PCI Qualified Security Assessors (QSAs) and a certified PCI DSS Managed Security Service Provider, we are ideally placed to help you solve your particular challenges and ensure you have a smooth route to compliance. ECSC were the first UK organisation to meet both these certifications, and therefore have the longest experience available in the design, deployment, and management of managed IT security solutions that meet the requirements of PCI DSS.

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PCI DSS for Call Centres

Taking payments over the telephone can bring significant challenges, with the requirement to meet the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Many banks and payment processors now offer remote websites for entering payments - these remove card processing and storage from your systems. However, even if you don't store card data, the act of typing in card details to a computer brings that device into scope of PCI DSS. ECSC managed PCI DSS Terminals and Desktops allow you to retain the highest levels of customer service whilst meeting PCI DSS requirements.

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Protective Monitoring Solutions (SIEM)

Protective monitoring, or Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), is now considered an essential element of IT security provision. Results from security breach investigations show that ascertaining the nature of the breach is difficult without sufficient event data. In addition, if security event collection is accompanied by appropriate monitoring and alerting, the breach could have been detected and contained, or even prevented. Protective monitoring is an important element of your IT security protection and the prevention of a damaging incident.

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Outsourced Security Operations Centre

The ECSC outsourced Security Operations Centre is designed to provide a comprehensive cyber security function, delivering a level of expertise, experience, and technologies that organisations find near impossible to replicate in-house.

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