Creating and supporting our own technologies, along with deciding on which vendor products can offer value to our clients, is a vital function within ECSC.

The ECSC LABS division is our technical centre of excellence, focused on the development and evaluation of cyber security technologies.


The work of ECSC LABS can be categorised under three main areas:

Threat Intelligence

Working with our Security Operation Centre (SOC), the LABS team are constantly monitoring the global risk environment, analysing the latest vulnerabilities, and understanding each attack vector.

Architecting Solutions

Designing protection solutions involves a combination of open source components and bespoke ECSC solution development.

Security Maintenance

Each component of your security architecture is constantly monitored and updated to protect you from the latest threats.

Based on the ECSC Firehat Linux Secure Platform, ECSC LABS has created a wide range of custom security solutions, each giving you the best protection with significant advantages over traditional vendor solutions, including:

  • A track record of almost two decades' security development and refinement.
  • Fully optimised for remote monitoring and management from the ECSC SOC.
  • High performance and resilient hardware architectures.
  • Flexible purchase models to fit your requirements.

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