ECSC Labs Solutions

Firewall / Gateways

Europa - SME Internet Protection

Europa, from ECSC Labs, is the ultimate SME managed security solution, giving a full range of office gateway security functions without needing expensive in-house security expertise. Europa is designed to wrap all the necessary business security and network gateway functions into a comprehensive, cost-effective managed solution.

For branch office gateways, the ECSC Labs Deimos hardware gives you similar functionality in a 1U format less than 16" deep - ideal for local comms cabinets.

Titan - Enterprise Security Gateway

Titan, from ECSC Labs, extends gateway security functionality to deliver effective integration with high-performance environments that demand the best security. Enterprise-class firewall, web proxy and DMZ configuration are combined with remote access and wireless security functions. Extended services include the ability to deliver extended high-availability environments. This can include multiple internal and external security zones, redundant external connectivity, and advance traffic management features. Fail-over hardware configurations are common with these mission critical deployments.

Hosting Protection

Titania - Web Application Firewall

Titania, from ECSC Labs, gives you intrusion prevention and performance management that is designed to protect systems exposed to the Internet. Titania is the direct descendant of the IPS solutions deployed by ECSC since 2000, that successfully blocked the first Internet worms 'Code Red' and 'Nimda'. As a fully managed Web Application Firewall (WAF), it meets the requirements of standards such as the PCI DSS for protection of e-commerce sites.

Security Information & Event Management (SIEM)

Ariel - Log Analysis & Incident Response

Ariel, from ECSC Labs, provides a comprehensive range of services, from network event logging and analysis, to alerting and incident response. Ariel brings together log collection, archiving, analysis and correlation, which, when backed by our security expertise, allows us to make sense of complex data from a wide range of sources, and give you meaningful information so you can take necessary action.

Intrusion Detection

Ganymede - Network Intrusion Detection

Ganymede, from ECSC Labs, is the security eyes and ears on your network. As the IDS master analysis engine and database, it provides direct reporting to the ECSC Security Operations Centre (SOC), where we tune the response of our monitoring and constantly adjust alerting thresholds. We provide you with timely warnings of potential incidents, sending alerts through a wide range of mechanisms including mobile phones and email.

Rhea - Network IDS Sensor

Rhea IDS sensors, from ECSC Labs, give you flexible deployment options to allow you to provide comprehensive security monitoring across an enterprise network or cloud environment.

Cloud Security Solutions

Cloud Managed Solutions (CMS)

If you have moved your Internet-facing infrastructure into the cloud, ECSC offers a comprehensive range of managed solutions to secure these critical assets. Either deployed directly into your cloud environment, or hosted in ECSC's CMS cloud, we offer a significant security upgrade compared with the offerings of the leading cloud environment providers. This allows you to benefit from the cost savings and flexibility of cloud hosting, whilst maintaining an appropriate level of security protection.

PCI DSS Solutions

Umbriel - PCI Authentication & Access Control

Umbriel gives you PCI DSS authentication and access control, and allows ECSC to deliver ECSC Labs. Extended features include the management of time synchronisation, log review and File Integrity Monitoring (FIM).

Omega - Dedicated PCI Payment Terminals

Omega, from ECSC Labs, is designed for compliant ad-hoc payment processing either over the telephone or via incoming paper forms. A PCI DSS solution for the desktop/network requirements of SAQ C-VT.

Centaurus - Multi-function PCI Payment Desktops

The ECSC Labs solution for your call centre operation, where you prefer agents directly taking payments over the telephone. A single managed PCI DSS compliant desktop with full access to all your internal systems without bringing them into your PCI DSS scope.

High Capacity (HC) hardware options available where required.

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