As a rapidly growing company in a dynamic sector, ECSC is always interested in hearing from individuals who are keen to develop their skills and knowledge in cyber security. We have a range of roles in our Security Operations Centre, along with other field-based opportunities.

At present, ECSC has a dedicated in-house recruitment department and, as such, we are not looking to engage the services of any third-party recruiters at this time. We will update this page should this change in the future.

Site & Facilities Manager

Job Title: Site & Facilities Manager

Reports To: Managing Director

Based At: Bradford


The Site & Facilities Manager is a hands-on role with a diverse range of responsibilities that sit across three main areas of focus: Site Maintenance, Health & Safety, and Fleet Management, and encompasses all the relevant services and processes in support of each element.

Key Areas of Responsibility

  • Site Maintenance

Responsible for maintaining the site in a good state of repair and appearance, including all buildings, facilities and grounds, as well as the management and administration associated with third-party suppliers and contractors.

  • Health & Safety

Act as the focal point for receiving and disseminating Health & Safety information across the business, in collaboration with the Company’s external H&S Representative.

  • Fleet Management

Responsible for the efficient day-to-day operation and management of all Company Cars and Pool Cars.

Key Measures

  • The site and facilities are maintained to a good standard, providing a suitable working environment for all employees and their activities.
  • The site and facilities are compliant with all current Health & Safety legislation.
  • Cost-effective sources are identified for new vehicles, and efficient processes are implemented and maintained for the company’s existing fleet of vehicles.

Key Skills/Requirements

No formal qualifications are required. The successful candidate should have the following:

  • Full UK Driving Licence
  • Ability to multi-task
  • Attention to detail
  • Practical/logical approach
  • Understands the need for and drives process and compliance


Integrity: always trying to do the right thing

Collaboration: supporting each other to exceed our individual capabilities

Commitment: a professional dedication and focus on learning and development


Decision-Making: Uses sound judgement to make good decisions, based on information gathered and analysed. Considers all pertinent facts and alternatives before deciding on the most appropriate action and then sees the action through.

Teamwork/Collaboration: Interacts with people effectively. Able and willing to share and receive information. Co-operates within the team and the wider organisation. Puts the goals of the team and the organisation ahead of own goals.

Work Standards: Sets and maintains high performance standards. Pays close attention to detail, accuracy and completeness. Ensures all system standards are adhered to. Shows concern for all aspects of the job. Follows up on work outputs.

Motivation: Displays energy and enthusiasm in approaching the job. Commits to putting in additional effort. Maintains a high level of productivity. Self-directed.

Reliability: Takes personal responsibility for job performance. Completes work in a timely and consistent manner and meets deadlines. Sticks to commitments.

Problem-Solving: Analyses problems by gathering and organising all relevant information. Suggests and implements, where appropriate, the identified solutions.

Adaptability: Adapts to changing work environments, work priorities, and organisational needs. Able to effectively deal with change.

Planning: Plans and organises tasks and work responsibilities to achieve objectives. Sets priorities and schedules activities. Allocates and uses resources properly.

Communication: Expresses ideas effectively. Organises and delivers information appropriately. Listens actively.

Integrity: Shares complete and accurate information. Maintains confidentiality. Adheres to organisational policies and procedures.

Initiative: Takes action to influence events. Generates ideas for improvement, takes advantage of opportunities, suggests innovations.

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